The Kuwait Towers

Sp_a0637_3 Living in this foreign land for how many years made me consider it as my second home.  I learned to love this tiny state in spite of its undesirable climates compared to my beloved homeland, the Philippines.  One of the first touristic place that I visited here was the Towers.


The Kuwait Towers became the landmark of Kuwait and it consist of  three towers of reinforced concrete in Kuwait City.  The main tower is 187 meters high and serves as restaurant.  It also has a Viewing Sphere which rises to 123 meters above sea level and you can view the sorrounding cities of Kuwait down . The second tower is 145.8 metres high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two bigger towers.

The picture above was taken at night during our third visit there with my brother-in-law Jams, he wanted to see it before he will go back to Philippines.

  1. naveen gautam

    i am comming to kuwait for some official purpose.and i m new to kuwait so need ur assistence plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Naveen, welcome to Kuwait…just tell email me what kind of assistance you want, I might be able to help 🙂

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