Plastic or Real?

The question that almost all our guests asked us when they visited our home. They were referring to the flower I placed above the table. Sp_a1133 My common answer was "What do you think? touch it."

Actually the flower is not real but if you don’t cross-examine it, it really looks like a real one. Very tricky! 

Plastic or real? This is not only applied to that flower in our home, nowadays it is very hard to identify true people, even a friend which you consider as your best friend may sometimes let you think twice if he/she is plastic or real? Sometimes the person whom you trusted most was the first one to betray you, only then you realized that he/she was indeed a plastic one. 

When I was a student, people around me labeled me as snob, I wonder why because deep within me I was not that type. It just happened that I am not very friendly gal but I can easily smile to everybody whom I think is worth smiling for.  That’s the real one.  I don’t want to make good to somebody when I don’t like him/her deep within.  If I smiled to somebody, then that smile was came from my heart. Now, I don’t mind people labeled me as snob if it is true, that’s the real me.  I want to be transparent in everything and one thing I am sure of is I am not a plastic one.  I am a real person.

What about you? Plastic or Real?

  1. Joymee

    ok na ok mukhang totoo 🙂

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