Islamic Swimsuit?

Ever heard of an ISLAMIC SWIMSUIT?
Check this out:

Turk takes Islam-inspired swimwear to pious bathers
Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:32am ET

By Emma Ross-Thomas

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – An unusual type of swimwear is standing out on Turkish beaches this summer — Islam-inspired swimsuits — which buck the trend of the past 100 years for swimsuits to get smaller.Swimsuit

Turkish businessman Mehmet Sahin has designed what he says is the world’s first Islam-inspired swimsuit and sells head-to-ankle bathing gear to devout well-heeled Muslims, including the wives of Turkey’s leading politicians.

"We are the preferred firm of the conservative politicians’ wives," he told Reuters in an interview, referring to members of the ruling AK Party, which has its roots in political Islam and came to power in 2002.

It is still a small market, but Sahin’s growing clientele is another sign of the rising profile of Islam in traditionally secular Turkey.

His brightly-colored women’s swimming costumes look like shiny track-suits with stretchy hoods, while the racier models are like catsuits with a separate overall to cover the curves.

These costumes are a throwback to the type of swimwear worn before Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman invented and wore the first one piece swimsuit in 1906. She was arrested in the United States in 1907 for wearing the one piece suit that showed her arms, legs and neck.

We always went to the beach during weekend nights and my husband invited me to bath, I really like to but I don’t want to wear normal clothes and veil while I’m in the sea, that’s my biggest problem until now. While I was browsing some internet forums, I saw that article above and I said wow great idea, this will give me a chance to enjoy and have fun at the beach. So I tried my best to browse and see the picture of the said Islamic Swimsuit but when I saw it, it’s not very Islamic I dare to say since I think as soon as it gets wet it will probably start to stick to the body, unless they designed not to be like that. I showed the picture to my husband and he did not comment about it.

If I will found it here in Kuwait, I will try to buy one and check if it will fit in the body when wet because if it will not, then my beach problem will be solved.


  1. actually the catsuit + dress seems to be the most popular ‘islamic’ swimsuit there is, and has received excellent reviews. Check it here:

    there are other designs though.

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