My Second Room

RoomStaying in the 4 corners of this room for almost 7 hours a day and 6 days a week since 3 years ago made me consider it as my second room. Here, I took my breakfast when I had no time to take it at home, I also took my noontime snacks here. My office room. The room that I learned to love. The room that became a part of my life, financially. The room where I chatted with my husband almost daily during our vacant times, the room that lets my mind fly and explore whenever I had no work, and most of all the room where I exerted all my best as a professional to gain more respect and appreciations from my colleagues. While sitting here boringly right now with no work to do, I am thinking of many unemployed professionals who are very desperate in searching for a stable job, then I praised Allah for every blessings that He bestowed upon me. I can say that I am lucky to have this second room, the room with my friends around me. My friends here are my computer and the plants that brightened my day.

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