Just a Little Light…Please!

Have you ever experienced being stocked in a room of total darkness as a result of brown out or whatever electricity iterruptions? Or travelling alone in a dark road during an eerie night that you cannot even identify where is north, south, east or west? How does it feel? Of course all you have to wish  and pray will be just a little light for you to see what’s around you… 

The reason why I write this article was Candle_1 because of this picture that I captured few weeks ago in our home.  We were watching a thrilling movie one late night in the living room when one of us switched off the light and I was sitting in front of the center table with some flowers and candles on it.  When the light was off, I did not able to see the flowers anymore because the movie we were watching happened to be in a dark scene also, so I immediately grabbed a match and lit the candles behind the flowers and finally I saw the flowers as if they were smiling at me.  At the same time, I was also holding my mobile phone and I decided to take a photo of the smiling flowers.  It’s been long time here in my photo files when I happened to open it now and my imagination soared while I’m watching it.  I imagined my self as the flower and the candle light were my hubby and my family who gave me the light for me to see and feel the beauty of life.  The light they gave me is their unconditional love that gives me strength to pursue whatever endeavor that I want to undertake in this ever challenging world.   Of course I did not forget to thank the Almighty for blessing me with those incomparable individuals who lighted my world….to be continued


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