Just a LIttle Light Please…(Part 2)

I was busy this past few weeks hence I did not able to finish my previous post anymore, anyway here I am to continue it. I know that the title of my post was "Just a Little Light Please…" but what I am writing below are the list of persons who gave me not just a little light but I would rather say a huge light that shines very bright in my life.  First of all is my everloving mother whom I consider as the best mother in the world, a very thoughful and understanding mom. Then, my father who taught me the simplicity of life and guides me the right path always. I owed him everything for what I am now.  Also, to my siblings who always there and for respecting me always as their eldest.  I am deeply honored for having them in my life. Finally, my everdearest hubby who loves me always inspite of everything (I’m moody sometimes) and our little son Azhfaar whom I consider as my twinkle star in the dark nights, he shines by waking me up in the middle of the night and said "Hug mama, hug".

Now, all I can say is I am not afraid to cross darkness anymore since I know that there will be lights that follow me always.


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