The Beauty after Endurance!


The picture was taken while we were in our car with my hubby on our way to home from work one late afternoon.  The weather was not really good that day, the sun didn’t shone bright in the morning and it was almost dark even the time was still early. The attractive colors of the sky caught my attention and it remembers me of the One Who Made it and thank Him for blessing me with my eyesight for FREE to see the beauty of His Creations. Alhamdulillah for everything. I also remember the saying, "It takes both rain and sunshie to make a rainbow" since there was also a rain earlier that day and that made the sky looks that way. Had it not been the rain in the morning, I can’t be able to see that beutiful sight in the afternoon. The picture was not really clear since I took it from my mobile phone only while my hubby was driving 100kmph that time.

Life is also like that, there will be many obstacles to face in order for us to succeed. We must have to endure the bitterness of today for us to savour the sweetness of tomorrow. 

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