The Candles!

CandlelightEversince I bought these candles and put it in our dining table, I was always disturbed by my little Azhfaar to lit it everytime he took a glance on it.  What he likes most on it was blowing the light until it dies and requested me to kindle it again so that he can blow for the second time and so on.  This event happened every day and night since I bought it on the 1st day of Eid. Sometimes it made me think why he likes the candles so much…was it just mere blowing the light on it or it’s just because he really likes light.  While I was with him during that moment, it made my mind delve into many things, sometimes I thought that he wanted to blow the candles because he hate fires and thus he wanted to put it off. Sometimes I was thinking that maybe he asked me to kindle it again everytime he blew it because he don’t want darkness and he wanted to see the light again. Lots of things were coming into my mind. I asked him to touch it because I wanted to know what will be his reaction and he refused, it means that he knew the danger behind those lights. 

Sometimes he was very difficult to be fed, it’s normal for toddlers in his age but everytime I lit the candles, he will eat anything I put in his plate, he will drink his milk in his cup and not in a bottle and he will obey whatever I told him to do so.

How I wish that his likings for this candle will have a good impact in his life Insha Allah. By the way, we did not left him unatended with this things. He was always supervised.

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