PotpouriI just want to share one of the things that am interested to do at home being a woman, that is collection of potpourris. I’ve been interested in this stuff since several years ago and I always have it in my room, in the leaving room, in my office room and in my desk as well. I like the scents, the looks and everything about it.  The picture above was my favorite one at home, not only the scents but the sentimental value on it that worth keeping for. Some of the petals in that potpouri was given to me by my hubby 3 years ago, and the other half was the petals of the red rosses that he had given to me on our last anniversary. I never throw the flowers that I had, I waited for it to dry and and put it in a vase or any container, when the scents were almost gone, I sprayed oil perfumes on it.  This is also great in bedrooms with scented candles for a romantic evening.  Potpourri last for several years especially if it is being kept in a nice way, just spray oil perfumes on it when the natural scents are gone so that you can feel and experience the romantic scene it can give you.


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