Somewhere Around the World…

Desert_1 The following images are some of my collections of views around the world emailed to me from some of my friends or I got it from some of my favorite websites.  I just want to share it to you guys, you may find it lovely as I did. 

One of the reasons why I posted it here is to remind everybody that all of these beautiful things and places you see in the world will be nothing when compared to the beauty of Paradise that the Almighty Allah reserved for the Faithfuls.


So if you think that these places look nice and amazing, then imagine when these lovely things will be multiplied into 70 times and then multiplied again into another 70 times and so on, what do you think? How will it looks like?  It’s beyond imagination! I hope and pray that Allah will grant me and all of us the Paradise Insha Allah. Aameen…


The Deep Blue Sea


Lavender at the foot of the mountain


The Jerry Blossom

Autumn_in_germany_1 The beauty of Autumn


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