I Just Wonder Why

I am looking at my bag (Polo Ralph Lauren) right now and it made me remember the first time I used it while we were shopping with my hubby in one mall here in Kuwait more than 2 years ago, I was looking at the watches in one shop of that mall when 2 arab ladies passed by, they stop and stared at me from head to foot as if they were examining every inch of me, they glanced at my bag always and I pretended not knowing their presence so that I had an enough time to observe their actions and they continued scrutinizing me, I felt it.  After a moment I looked at them with a why-are-you-staring-at-me look and they smiled dryly and went off. 

I really wondered why those 2 ladies acted that way,  not only them because I always experienced that kind of incidents from some other arabs also. My friends and relatives also experienced the same sometimes.

I have one aunt here also who shared almost the same story with me, one day she went to the supermarket driving her own car and she was wearing a sunglass, when she parked her car, a teenage arab guy walked near her and he said sarcastically "Filibiniya fi sayyara wa yalbas nathara ba’ad" means "Oh, a Filipina lady has a car and wearing sunglass too!". My aunt was really irritated so she answered to him " Why, what about you? How much your cost? Come, work to me and I’ll pay you money!".

I also read few months ago that while a Philippine actress ( I will not mentioned her name)  was in an Airport, a British woman stared at her cynically from head to foot then she asked the actress which country did she came from and she answered "from Philippines", then the British lady said "Ah, that’s where my maid came from", then the actress proudly answered " Ah, really? And my child’s nanny is a British nurse". The British lady did’t able to say a word. 


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