The Beauty of Maghrib Time

I was browsing the files in my camera few minutes ago and I spotted this picture, I cannot recognized the view at the first time I saw it but when I checked the date when did I take it, I discovered that it was taken on the month of November 2005 and I was in Philippines that time, then I remembered that this was the image I captured while we were on our way home from our fishpond one late afternoon, as far as I remember we were in a hurry because it was already time for Maghrib prayer, then when I glanced at the sky that was what I saw, so I immediately took out my camera and take a snap shot of that beautiful sight I saw in the sky. For those of you who are familiar with our place, then this was taken in the road between our home and Pantalan beside the ricefields there.   Very nice sight right? Hmmm…do agree with me, please! LOL 🙂 Beautiful_sky

The question is why did I post it here in my blog? Okay, it’s just because I really like the scence and I want to share it with you too, you might found it beautiful as I did especially for those who love photography out there.  The second and most important reason why I posted it here is I realized the beauty of Maghrib prayer time, how nice to think that while we are praying the sky gives us a very nice view aside from the reward of our prayer that time.  Try to look at the sky or the horizon before or after you will perform the Maghrib prayer and experience the beauty and nice feeling it can give you, you can feel tranquility and easiness in your heart unless you are an insensetive person.  That’s one of its beauty here on earth, so how come in the Hereafter, the beauty beyond imagination of Paradise and everything therein?  Don’t you ever miss to perform Maghrib prayer and of course all the 5 prayers of the day.  Insha  Allah, we will go to Paradise altogether, Aameen.


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