Worlds Biggest Clock Tower In Makkah!!!

JEDDAH — The tallest clock tower in the world is to be built in holy city of Makkah, according to a statement issued by Governor Prince Majed.

When completed, the Makkah clock tower will be the tallest in the world — taller than Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science in Poland, the Big Ben in London, Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai, India, and the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, United States.

The clock will be placed on the fifth tower of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project at a height of 380 metres and will be visible from all sides. The name of Allah will be inscribed on each of its four faces.

Two of the clock faces including the inscription will be 80 metres in height and 65 metres in width and the dial will have a diametre of 39 metres. The other two clocks will be 65 metres in height and 43 metres in width while their dial diameter will be 25 metres. Two lifts will take visitors to a balcony with a width of five metres below the clocks.

The landmark edifice will also carry intricate Islamic decorative artwork.



  1. Greg Sadler

    That’s interesting. I’d assumed the clock tower would be a fading phenomenon given the rise of wrist watches and mobile phones.

  2. jeff dal

    nevermind the jihad rhetoric blaring out of mosques or their persecution of jews, women and christians….they build clock towers!

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