Labour official details conditions for expats on switching sponsors; Graduates have edge over unskilled labour

KUWAIT CITY: “Ministerial decision 135/2001 allows the transfer of labor work permit from one employer to another but there are several conditions to be fulfilled,” Alam Al-Youm daily quoted Assistant Under-secretary for Labor Sector at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Saleh Al-Sheikh as saying. The decision states that such a transfer is permissible only if the laborer or employee is currently living in the country and he or she has completed one full year with the current employer. Also, the laborer’s current employer should approve of the transfer.

Al-Sheikh says the labor sector is very keen to organize the labor market and exempts skilled and qualified laborers from the condition of spending one full year with an employer. “We exempt people holding university degrees from that condition,” he added.

Speaking about the transfer of employees who come to the country on registered government contracts, Al-Sheikh said those holding university degrees are eligible for the transfer but only after finishing the contract period and after getting approval from both the old and new employers.
Employees who do not hold university degrees but have come on a government contract have to spend five years with the employer and will have to obtain approval certificates from both the old and new sponsors.

Source: Arab Times, 25 March 2007


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