Fashionable Handbag for Spring 2007


Accordingly, the essential fashionable handbag this season is that of extremely large bag where there is room for every variety. 

Few days ago, my cousin Gem commented on my medium size bag which was full of my stuffs while we were going to the office.  I told her that from now on I will not buy small size bags anymore because I have many things to put inside my bag. 

So, I think this bag above(billy bag srping 2007, Georgia, price $ 200) would be very suitable for all my stuffs and at the same time it goes with the fashion trends this season also. Cool….

  1. the bag is nice o..But it;s very expensive for me. haha

  2. yeah, too expensive for me too! I’m still thinking about it buy or not to buy! LOL

  3. I esli ya odnazhdy zamolch. Lyyti Keysha.

  4. Ne nasovsem a navsegd. Queen Uschi.

  5. Ne nasovsem a navsegd. Yaropolk Garbi.

  6. when they say it’s ove. Andreas Tennyson.

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