Would you Crucify yourself?

If you are a christian believer, would you crucify yourself on Good Friday? Me, as a muslim…well, I can’t tell! LOL

More than a dozen Filipinos in northern part of the Philippines were nailed to crosses and scores more whipped their backs into a bloody pulp on Friday in a gory ritual to mark the death of Jesus Christ.

Check this link.


  1. F..k no !!!
    Why would I need to feel the same like Jesus did?!? And could I feel the same?!?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing compared to the savagery that goes on in Ashura.

  3. anonymous coward, u r exactly right, i saw the rituals in Ashura day in one TV channel and it made me trembled!

  4. omg! this is not ok!!! but then again who are we to talk? some things that some muslims do are just as gruesome…

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