How Rich are You?

I was surfing the tags this morning and I came accross ontheverge‘s blog with a post regarding this rich measurement website, I checked it and I was in the top 11% richest people in the world in terms of annual income, funny! lol 🙂  Wanna know how rich are you too? Hehe…check this link.  Thanks ontheverge!

  1. woah!! thats weird!! im in the top 5.91%, i shall quit complaining abt money from now on!!!

  2. yeah, sometimes we may think that our money is not enough because normally, human is greedy in nature, if somebody has a milliion dollar, he will wish for 2 millions and so on, so the best thing to do is to look back, we must have to look at the people behind us,and then we will feel the sense of satisfaction afterwards…

  3. Nice…, I put annual income of my friend (because I do not work yet) and I found him one of the poorest people in the world 🙂

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