Husband severs off his genitals!

I read in the news this morning that a 29 year old Indian guy living in Fintas, Kuwait severed his genitals inside his home after learning that his wife wanted to marry another man. He was admitted to Adan Hospital and during interrogation with police, the man said he became desperate after receiving a letter from his wife back home in India seeking divorce to marry another man.  And now the doctors are trying in vain to stitch the organ in its place! OMG, I remembered the one I saw in ABS-CBN channel few years ago when I was still in Phil., “a man came home early in the morning and gave his a wife a unique gift place inside a bottle, his wife almost fainted when she saw his husband’s genital inside the bottle that he gave to her, during iterrogation, the husband said he cut his genital because they always quarrel with his super duper jelous-type wife,and now she has nothing to worry about because he cannot flirt anymore! ”

While I was reading that news, I was also thinking who must have to be blamed in this case, the wife or the husband?


  1. nQ

    aW!! i wish my man would cut his off for me! THATS true love : p

  2. I’ve heard so many of these stories! There was a lady in China who went and cut her husband’s genitals because he slept with his ex-wife! What was worse is they couldn’t reattach the genitals because the wife through it out of the window and the dog ate it! And in my opinion the strangest part of the whole story is that the man asked the judge to lenient on his wife because he understood her jealousy!!! WHAT??? LENIENT???

    Well we won’t ever be able to know who really to blame in these stories… Will we?

  3. noracassandra, that’s the most amazing story that I ever read today! He is probably the most lenient hubby on earth! looooooooooollllll….:D

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