Nail Biting, is it Delicious?

Why do some people bite their nails? 

Nail Biting or clinically named as Chronic Onychophagia is very common here in Kuwait especially among men,  when I first arrived here 4 years ago, I was really astounded when I saw people who bite their nails because this is not common in my own country unless for children, then my hubby explained to me that it is normal here to see that habit.  For me it is really unsanitary and it should be avoided since it may lead to infection or disfiguration of the nails. 

People who have this habit usually do it during boredom, anxiety,  stress or nervousness.  This starts from childhood years and it will gradually improved as the person matures. However, some children will remain biting their nails until they grow up, so the best thing to do is to stop this habit during the early years.  To stop biting the nails during childhood, check this link

  1. yeah, I am so bored and stressed sitting in school during boring lessons so I just have to bit my nail (despite I know it is unsanitary). But I really care about length of my nail, so better idea is bitting the skin round my nails ]:->

    Sorry for grammatic mistakes but I am just ordinary, polish girl 🙂

  2. I was biting my nails till I was 14 in Kuwait! Then I made myself stop!!! I just never understood why?? I’m trying to keep my daughter now from doing that because of infections and disfigurations!

  3. I know somebody also who’s finger nails did not able to try the thing called nailcutter! he always bite his nails even in front of other people…

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