After the Rain!

 My office time-off every Thursday is 1:00 pm, my hubby arrived around 1:30 pm to pick me up but we didn’t able to go home immediately because of the rain, very slippery.  We waited almost half hour before we decided to drive home.  Alhamdulillah, we arrived at home safe and sound that day.

The water from the road splashed while my hubby was driving after the ice-rain at around 2:00 pm, Thursday.

The cab swam in Salmiya road…around 2:05 pm, Thursday.

At the gulf road around 2:15 pm, Thursday.

The clouds look like a cotton balls, around 6:00 pm, Thursday.

The Kuwait Towers, around 3:00 pm, Friday! 


This is our day after the rain, it was a lovely Friday afternoon at the seaside. 

Then, I took a shot on this light reflections before we went home, around 7:00 pm, Friday.


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