Condom Dress!

Would you dare to wear this colorful condom dress?

  1. It looks nice ..but I really dare not to wear

  2. Peony

    the top part is nice, bs the bottom part.. uuggghhh..

  3. nQ

    i wouldnt mind if it was a swimming suit!

  4. LOVELY!!!

    first, thank you for putting me on your blogroll, i am soooo privileged.
    next, i sooooo want that condom clothes and i am sooooo gonna tell my friends! he he he! as long as it’s NOT USED! you know what i mean?

  5. hi reyna elena, thanks for visiting my blog…i’m so privileged also!

  6. hehehe what a nice colorful dress! 😛

  7. anti-artificial birth control advocates will surely oppose this kind of dress lols.
    kewl dress though… good concept. 🙂

  8. c5

    Hi rieaane!

    Thanks for blogrolling one of my blogs! When I get to edit it, I’ll remember you 😉

    By the way, cool appearance…but I’m sure it’s too hot when worn…I do craft myself so I can fairly say the dress is creative…and expensive too…lol…I’m more of a recycler so I don’t think I’ll even think of recycling condoms…ewww!!! You can check my crafts at which I do export 🙂

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