Water, the Priceless Gift!

Why is it that we are so drawn to water? It is evidently a universal yearning, affecting not just those born into harsh desert environments.  Even in other countries where rain is abundant, they also included a ‘water-feature’ in their back garden (for those who can afford). There is a beauty and mystery that draws us towards water in a garden, in whatever form it may take, whether it be a fountain, a large still pool, a cascade or a narrow rill,  I don’t know why, maybe it is a human nature to love water.  No wonder, the Paradise was always described  as a beautiful garden with water flowing ‘underneath’ (Jannah tajri min tahtiha al-anhar) The sensuous pleasure of dipping my own fingers in a fountain and feeling the cooling atmosphere engendered by it is one of the best thing that I love about water.   Thanks Allah for this precious gift, without it, life on earth could not exist.  We all knew the reason why.  

The photo above was one of the pictures  I captured at Marina Park, State of Kuwait.

  1. Well done!!.. nice photo composition you got there..
    I love the yellowish reflection of light under the water..
    thanks for sharing this wonderful image..


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