When Lust and Loneliness Collides…

Maid, lover caught in Yarmouk: Police have arrested a Filipino maid for inviting her lover and compatriot to have sex with him in her sponsor’s home in Yarmouk, reports Al-Rai daily. It has been reported the sponsor who returned home unannounced heard the lovers giggling in the maid’s room and called police. The police reportedly caught the lovers in the act and referred them to the authorities.

Too bad to hear this…:(


  1. a really bad image .. wherein all of us Pinoys here in Kuwait are affected..
    its a shame… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 – Incidents like this might be the reason why rape and sexual incidents commited to pinays is increasing.. even the pinoy cable channel also shwoing filipino x-rated films at night.. that should be stopped if we all want to work and live here in kuwait as a normal being..:( 😦 😦 reallly bad.. hmp..

  2. it’s really too bad to hear that. and the big problem is when that lady is married here in the Philippines..

    anyway, got some message for you…..


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  3. lestat_m, you are right all of us were being affected, I remember one day when i was going to the grocery store (baqala) near our home then i passed by at a group of youngsters (13-15 years old), they asked me “5 dinar, 5 dinar?”. OMG, I felt that my blood raised to the highest point! Here in kuwait, pinays are well-known for 5 dinars only, sooooo realy bad to hear this since even the decent pinays were being treated badly because of the work of others…:(

    SEL, that’s normal here in Kuwait,many pinays here were married in Phil. but they automatically became single in Kuwait, lol…by the way, thank you for visiting my blog and for adding me to the Pinoy Bloggers directory…

  4. I think, I am right not to allow my fiancee to work there. i am so sad knowing about it.

  5. jord

    sana my trixie isnt like that in kuwait…..

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