Bad Experience with the Centrepoint’s Privilege Card

One of the things I like about Centrepoint is their privilege card where we can earn points for every KD we spent every time we shop there when they were not on sale.  For me, I will wear only what I can afford that’s why I am one of their avid shoppers because I found their prices more reasonable than the one in the malls. I will only shop in the malls during their sale periods, why should I pay more when I can take it for less! Lol J   However, what made me write this post is the bad experience that I had encountered few days ago when I collected my gift voucher for the points that I had earned this past few months. I went to the Shuwaikh showroom and asked the  customer service for my gift voucher, she checked my name and after few minutes of waiting, she told me that my gift voucher will be collected in Salmiya since my address is there. After 3 days, we dropped by at the Salmiya showroom since it takes only 3 minutes ride from my office, I approached the person-in-charge and asked him about my voucher, he took my card and checked it in  his computer, it took almost 7 minutes for us to wait before he said that my voucher is in Shuwaikh since they did not able to forward it yet! OMG, I’m about to burst! I asked him why did the staff in Shuwaikh told me to come in Salmiya when the fact is the voucher was still there in Shuwaikh? He said if I will wait for an hour then they will take the voucher from Shuwaikh so that they can give it to me,  I said no! I can’t stand to wait here! I wanted to give up, after all it’s just only a voucher but my hubby encouraged me to be patient, he said “it is yours and if you will not take it somebody will do, then you will be the loser”. I was convinced, we went to the car and head Shuwaikh showroom again.  When we reached there, the lady whom I asked before wasn’t there, so she was lucky that day since she will not hear “something” from me! J   I asked the man who was in-charge that day and after about 2 minutes, he gave me my gift voucher! So, at last, it really takes both rain and sunshine for me to see the rainbow!   


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