Romantic Ideas for Men

 Romance in every couple’s life is very important since it helps to strengthen the relationship.  I heard many married people saying that their mate changes a lot after marriage.  Sometimes lack of romance will lead to divorce also.  Below are some easy and costless romantic ideas for men to help them add spice in their marital life:

1) Women always love to be caressed. Draw her a warm bubble bath. Wash her back (& everywhere else). Take your time. Then towel her dry and carry her off to bed.  You can also giive her a full body massage without expecting anything in return. You’re sure to get your reward the next night!

2) Women easily noticed some romantic gestures made by their partner even how small it is.  Little things go a long way. Hold her hand, link her arm through yours while you’re walking together, place your palm on the small of her back when standing beside her. Those tender gestures won’t go unnoticed.

3) Our hair is one of the most relaxing part of our body to be touched, so try to brush her hair at night. This can be very sensual. Be sure to use a brush, not a comb. And don’t pull. Be gentle. If you encounter a tangle, hold the hair above the tangle, then work it out.

4) There are certain times that words speaks louder than action, so tell her you love her. Seems obvious, but many men overlook this. Women like to hear it. Often. Make her an audio tape and secretly slip it into the cassette player for her to find. Mu hubby did this one time but not through cassette player, he used yahoo messenger voice instead.  When I opened my Yahoo Messenger few days ago, there was an alert message that says ” You have 1 unheard voice message”, so when I opened it, I heard my hubby’s voice singing a very romantic song, then he said “I love you Honey”.  I was very touched!


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