Blogs Vertise – does it works?

An online friend told me today to sign up in Blogs Vertise to earn money from my posts, she told me that she is earning dollars from this site, I don’t know how true is it, so I signed up, I wanna try how much money shall I  gonna earn from them also, lol 🙂  there’s no harm in trying, right?  


  1. I received an email telling me that this is true, actually I know lots of money-making sites out there but I don’t know why I was not interested in registering, I’ve been blogging and making homepages several years ago but making money from my sites was out of my plan, but not now! Human minds change every seconds, so that’s me! lol 😀 My mind changed this morning, that’s why I signed up in this site but I’m not sure if my mind will remain on this state until tomorrow! looooooolll…..baka hangang sign up lang ang kaya ko! heheh!

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