The Fake Qur-aan, Beware!

 I just received this email few minutes ago and I think I am obliged to share this information to you guys, especially to all muslims out there.  Read the full contents of the message below:

“I just received the below messages from somebody who is not familiar to me. How ever, this information bothers me so much as the issue looks very critical.  With regard the ‘The True Furqan’ (Fake American Quraan) A -UDHUBILLAH!, it is really confirmed that the selling this book amounting to $ 25.00 but I did not read the content as we have to buy to read the entire book. ( 

 If you have any comments, ideas or opinion on this issue please share#8230;.let us fight this evil deed!“This IS NOT a waste of your time. check the websites for urself!
Please send this message to all your contacts!!!
If you dont…. A Muslim(s) around the world could be receiving false information about Islam which  you know about, so I would send this messages as soon as u have read it. Beware of the following websites:

These sites have been developed by the Jews Who Intentionally spread wrong information about the QURAN , the HADITH and the Islam . Please spread this information to all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.
Always check the source of any Islamic web site even if it is very convincing.”

Above: ‘The True Furqan’ 

You Cant Ignore this, send it to as many muslims as u can. The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick .

A new Quran  is being distributed in Kuwait , titled ‘The True  Furqan’. It is being described as the ayats of the  Shaytan and Al-Furqan weekly magazine has found out  that the two American printing companies;’Omega 2001′  and ‘Wine Press’ are involved in the publishing of  ‘The True Furqan’, a book which has also been titled  ‘The 21st Century Quran’! It is over 366 pages and is  inboth the Arabic and English languages…it is being  distributed to our children in Kuwait in the private  English schools!

The book contains 77 Surats, which include Al-Fatiha, Al-Jana and Al-Injil. Instead of  Bismillah, each Surat begins with a longer vesion of  this incorporating the belief of the three spirits.And this so! called Quran opposes many Islamic beliefs.”

You can also check out this link to read the what other people are saying about this.


  1. Anonymous Coward

    Better receive false information than true information.

    Muslims receiving false information about Islam become better Muslims.
    Muslims receiving true information about Islam blow themselves up in crowded markets.

  2. ita actually not written by the jews. its supposedly written by a couple of evangelical christian lebanese so the jews cant be blamed for this one 😛

    you can read the whole text here:

    but it is acknowledged to be bullshit by jewish, christian and muslim scholars alike. and as bad as it is, the reason i’m leaving a comment is that who ever sent you the email obviously hasnt done any research on the topic and probably doesnt even know the website exists. instead theyre being all chicken little trying to cause some kind of mass muslim panic.

    i dont support what they have done, or their point of view as evangelicals of any religion are complete nutjobs, but hopefully the site will give people a chance to read before going off half cocked.

    and i hate the fact that its for sale at amazon.

  3. Anonymous, if these people have received the TRUE information then definitely they will not blow themselves, or maybe its true that they received the True informaton but they are not smart enough to understand its meaning! That’s why every muslim should try to understand the true Tafseer of the Qur-aan to understand thoroughly every words that were written on it.

    Skunk, I agree with you, it seems that amazon are making more money out of it now! Whoever wrote this one should not be supported since it just cause a mass muslim panic (including me), but when I remembered what the Almighty says in the Qur-aan :”This book (Qur-aan) is protected against changes”, I sighed and my worries faded away. I made a researched in the internet about its contents and I found it really disgusting.

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