Space Tourism – I will Fly you to the Moon and back!

 I am day dreaming now that somebody is flying me to the moon, perhaps this is just a product of being so tired from my works this morning.  My boss sat in from of my desk for almost 2 hours asking me to translate all those over 100 pages “maa adry shino” proposal from one of our clients abroad.  Thanks God we’re done now, I wish that I can fly somewhere else or to the moon maybe and forget all those stressful works!  Oh, how can I? I don’t have 20 million dollar to realize my dream!  lol 😀

Space Toursim is one of the very hot topics nowadays and it seems that many people are very interested to travel on space even the ticket cost $20 million dollar, in fact Russian Space Agency is fully booked until 2009.   This means that human beings are so adventurous, they will spend as much as that just for personal pleasure.  For me, space tourism maybe will remain just a dream until the day I die.  I’ll just make a wish before I sleep that during my deep sleep I will dream of travelling on space and see what the Almighty’s  creation.  Even I have $20 million right now in front of me, I will not go there, I will spend it in another thing, millions of people in the world cannot eat, don’t have clothes, don’t have shelters, I would rather donate it to them.  I am adventurous in nature but travelling on space will remain in my dreams only!

Before I end this post, I want to dedicate this song to all of you there….

She’s taking her time making up the reasons to justify all the hurt inside.

Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes, everyones got a theory bout the bitter one.

Their saying, “Momma never loved her much and daddy never keeps in touch,that’s why she shies away from human affection”

But somewhere in a private place she packs her bags for outer space and now she’s waiting for the right kinda pilot to come.

And she’ll say to him, Love will fly you to the moon and back if you’ll be…If you’ll be my baby,Got a ticket to a world where we belong,so won’t you be my baby? 

She can’t remember a time, when she had felt needed.If love was red then she was color blind.

All her friends they’ve been tried for treason, and crimes that were never defined. 

She’s saying “Love is like a barren place,and reaching out for human faithis like a journey I just don’t have a map for.” 

So baby’s gonna take a dive, and push the shift to overdriveSend a signal that she’s placing all her hops on the stars.

What a pleasant dream… And I will fly you to the moon and back if you’ll be..If you’ll be my baby.

Got a ticket for a world where we belong,so won’t you be my baby?

 ~ Savage
Garden~“To the Moon and Back”        

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