Complete New Looks for Summer 2007

One thing I like in Kuwait is the changing 4 season’s fashion (I don’t like the climate, just the fashion) where I can also change the way I wear every season, so I have 4 kinds of fashion looks for the whole year. Unlike in Philippines we have only to seasons there, rainy and sunny seasons, so it means I can only wear 2 kinds of clothes at most,  though the climates there were so perfect compared to the 4 seasons here.   Temperature in Kuwait nowadays is increasing everyday, it’s getting hotter and hotter.  I checked the world wide web what fashion looks are in this summer and most of the fashion sites I had visited suggested these styles below:

Puff sleeve blouses for a very feminine look, for me I can’t wear this alone, I need an inner for it. I think, a lighter color will be perfect for this summer.

Wide-leg pants for more comfortable summer adventures.

Floral light-weight Hijab or Shayla for a fresh and comfy outlook.

Peep-Toe shoes which allows feet to breath….:)

Convertible handbag, we can carry the bag by the short straps as a satchel by our hands, or hang it in the crook of elbow; or wear the long straps as a shoulder bag, soooo cute!

Bangles, in for all seasons!

Sleek and chic rimless sunglass is one of  the hottest look right now in shades.


  1. My favorite item on that list is the convertible handbag.

  2. Me too, the bag is sooooooo sute and I’m dying for it…lol…thanks for dropping by zahra!

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