I want to hear something new…

Filipina maid commits suicide. 

 Pinoy domestic beaten.

Filipino women arrested for violating residence law.

Filipina kidnapped and raped.

Filipina maid ironed, beaten and tortured!

Filipina caught red handed while doing immoral acts with his lover inside a car!

Filipina raped and killed.

Filipina maid caught having sex with his lover inside sponsor’s home! 

Filipina caught running call center!

Everytime I read Kuwait newspapers, all I can see are the posts above, I’m tired of reading it, I want to read some good news about Filipinos in Kuwait, I hope one day I will be able to read one.   


  1. Here’s hoping you see that day. A good idea would be to do something proactive about it. How about putting together a fundraiser and getting publicity? It would be a step in the right direction 🙂

  2. sws

    I really hope so too! It’s so depressing that our country Kuwait has a high literacy rate and provides people with free education and we still victimize and abuse labour expats. Our attitudes need to be changed, we have to work together to rid our country of this disease of injustice before it becomes an epidemic. Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. nQ

    our old filipina help bought a farm, a house and much more for her family. she’s in college now. soon she’s gonna be a nurse 🙂 she’s so sweet i love her! might visit her this summer. wanna come?

  4. I know what u mean, it is SO SO sick what happens to people of some nationalities here.

  5. zahra, ur suggestion is great but knowing the systm in Kuwait, I think a person with great personality will also be needed to participate the program since if it is done by ordinary peolpe only, then it’s no use at all.

    sws, it is really sad to think that majority of these cases were only happened here in the middle east especially in the Gulf region. I hope that people in Kuwait will change their attitude soon, Allah yahdeehom!

  6. NQ, nice to hear your story, I was touched, I’m sure you are a good employer. My son’s nanny also did many good things for her family in Phil. now she is planning to go home to pursue her study in college, she is so sweet also. I’m going to miss her. I’m glad that you are planning to visit her this summer, well, don’t hesitate to go, Phil. is really a nice country to visit especially during summer time, Filipinos are very hospitable. Lot’s of fun are waiting for you there.

    Elijah, thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Sweetheart, check out video # 5 on my Isang Tanong: Senatorial Forum. Yon ang good news. 🙂 (napadaan lang at nag-iwan nang bakas ang reyna…)

  8. Reyna, thanks, i’ll check it.

  9. PSSSSTTTT!!! (bumalik! naiwan tsinelas!)

    An swit swit nyo naman nang husbandry mo! He He He! Kakainis! Nilanggam ako’t pinutakti! Eto, inggit na inggit sa pagmamahal mo sa one and only mo! Kakainis ka! Ihanap mo nga ako nang gaya nya!!!

    Eto po ang tinitingnan ko! Hmmmpptt!


  10. I’m tired of hearing the same boring maid news too.

    It’s about time the newspapers write more useful news

  11. maybe the good news will be… Boss Marry Filipino Maid 🙂 i’m just wondering how popular are the filipino made in that country

  12. I seldom read newspaper here because of these headlines.. it just morale-deflating and I really feel bad about it..Can they report something good the filipinos have contributed in this country.?
    Why not share and spread good news and good things about FILIPINO and Philippines.. we can all do the same way, there are too much bad news about us published in newspapers and online.. lets make a difference and spread the pride of Pinoy and Philippines… I think that way somehow slowly we can change how they treat us.. how the world see us.. 🙂

  13. SEL, you always made my wrinkles stretched with ur comments! hehe wla pa akong wrinkles no! 😀

    les, that’s why I always read your blog daily so that I can read some good news about Filipinos…keep it up!

  14. At last I found your name with an URL on it! I’ve been wanting to read your posts for almost a month now to no avail

    Once in awhile, we could read good news naman sa Sunday panorama. I always smile whenever I read about Filipino gatherings, may it be sports oriented, spiritual and there’s even fashion shows! I just hope it’s not only every sunday though. We could use some good news everyday.

    There was a free magazine circulation that caters to Filipino events and features outstanding Pinoy’s last year. Copies can be picked up in every money sending establishments e.g. western union. I wonder whatever happened to it. It just vanished. Those kinds of reading materials boost up the morale of our kababayans. I know it did mine.

  15. Hi Mackay…thanks for the info, I am also an avid reader of Sunday Panorama, in fact I enjoyed reading it last night with the pictures of our kababayans who participated the Santacruzan in Kuwait City, the Reyna Helena was really gorgeous! The sad thing is this magazine was only circulated to few Pinoy readers and all the worst news were published in Kuwait major newspapers which is being read by the majority of people here. 😦

  16. I forgot that magazine name. Somebody told me they’ve gone bankrupt as no company / individual would sponsor them. It’s very sad 😦

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