Lovable Quote of the Day


“I can only tell you a little of how much I love you as there are no enough words to describe it, the rest of how I feel is a private conversation between our hearts.”

I really like this quote because this is how I feel right now, no enough words to describe it.  Try to make a list of why you love your partner and you will end up writing thousand words and you still feel it’s not enough, this is because words in the dictionary is not enough when you are in love.  So, just let your heart speaks for what you feel.

Check this link for more lovable quotes.

Hi honey, I hope you will read this post!


  1. c5

    Hi Rianne,

    You have an interesting blog…contents vary and wide…much like what I do at http://ceefive.i.ph so I decided to tag you as the first to reply to my meme. 😀 I’m actually still looking for the other 3…meanwhile, you can check it out now and reply to make your own 😉 I hope it is ok.

    mabuhay ang pinoy!

  2. i really wonder how the two hearts talk.

  3. C5, i’m glad that you like my blog, okay I replied to ur meme already…:)

    SEL, hearts have their own language which only the 2 lovers can understand..lol 😀

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