The 1 2 3 4 in my Life…

When I opened my blog this morning, I found out that I was tagged by my new online friend C5 whom I met one week ago.  Now my task here is to write the following:

Four Jobs I Have Had

1. College Instructor – I used to teach Psychology classes at one of the colleges in Cotabato City Philippines for one semester only, I resigned when my hubby brought me here in Kuwait.

2. Manager-Owner of Cybernation Internet Cafe, Cotabato City– when I graduated from college, my father gave me a small business to manage, so I was managing this cafe and at the same time I was also teaching in my no. 1 job. I sold the cafe when I decided to come here in Kuwait. (You might asked me why I am here in Kuwait right now when the fact is I have life in Phil., well the answer is my heart (hubby) is here and he is my life).

3. Administrative Assistant, Gulf Land Real Estate, Kuwait –  I landed here in Kuwait last September 2002 and I got this job after 2 weeks.  My work here are drafting contracts, translation from arabic to english and vice versa, making proposals and tenders, sometimes I am designing our advertisements in daily newspapers and magazines.

4. Part Time Graphic and Fashion Designer,  this is my passion, I really love designing anything that comes to mind.  I designed many Wedding Gowns already including mine and for some of my friends and relatives.  I am also addict in graphic designing, advertisement is my favorite thing to design.

Four Movies I Watched Over and Over

1. Ever After

2. Ana and the King

3. A Walk to Remember

4. The Message

Four Places I Have Lived

1. Dinas, Zambo. Sur

2. Pagadian City

3. Cotabato City

4. State of Kuwait

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch

1. News

2. Oprah

3. X-Files

4. Tom and Jerry

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation

1. Manila

2. Davao

3. Cagayan

4. K.S.A

Four of my Favorite Foods

1. Seafood Fried Rice

2. Strawberry and Cream

3. Tempura

4. Chicken Biryani

Four Places I would rather be Right Now

1. Philippines

2. K.S.A

3. Dubai

4. Malaysia

Four People who will Answer this Tag

1. MacKay

2. NQ

3. lestat_m

4. Magical Droplets

All these 4 people I tagged should write in their blogs the 4s in their lives as required above. In the end, you also need to choose 4 people whom you like to be tagged and inform them by writing a comment in their blogs.


  1. yippee my second tag 😀

    Jobs: Bravo you seem to have a knack for various skills

    Your fav TV shows are same as mine….loooooooooveeee Tom…not too much Jerry though 😦

  2. And I’m it! hahaha. Okay for you I shall do the tagging 🙂

  3. Magical and Mackay, thanks for dropping by…I will wait to read your posts…hehe 🙂

  4. woohoo.. i’m in too…. 🙂
    time to think my 1,2,3 4 of my life which I normally didn’t share to anyone.. but since I’m now a part of blogosphere.. I will join this fun and enjoy the ride..and share it with arms wide open..
    thanks and have a nice day to all..

  5. c5

    Rieaanne!!! Thanks for being my first respondent!!!
    Everything about you is interesting!

  6. a walk to remember!! yes, i can watch that movie over and over again. everytime i watch it, it still manages to get to me everytime 🙂

  7. ….and I cried everytime I watched that movie, hehe!

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