Only in Kuwait!

I left my mobile phone at home this morning and now I am disconnected into the world, I called my contacts using land line phone and no one cared to answer my calls! 😦  Nobody wants to be charged and moreover…the mobile telecommunication companies in Kuwait really suck….no country in this world charged the users/subscribers for any international incoming calls they received…It’s only in STATE OF KUWAIT! 😦


  1. Yes we have a dismal telecommunications system. I hate that disjointed feeling that takes over when I forget my phone at places.

  2. To be charged for receiving local calls from landline is reasonable but for international calls…oooooooohhhhhhhh 😦
    Thanks for dropping by Zahra, your blog is one of my favorites, my day is not complete without visiting it 🙂

  3. if you are called you should never pay unless you are roaming!
    the person who calls you wants something from you and knows that he is dialing a mobile number… so if he needs to talk … he needs to pay!
    It’s like this all over the world … just not here…

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