The Snake Baby

I was in youtube this morning and I happened to open a video of a baby who look like a snake, it said that that baby was born in Jordan and she died after an hour. I don’t know if I’m late or not but for those who did not see it yet,  you can view it in this link.  Accordingly, when the mother of that baby learned that the baby she was conceiving was a girl she told her friends that she is going to have a snake soon since she don’t want to have a baby girl anymore, so she called her fetus inside her womb as snake, so when she gave birth, her baby looks like a snake!

  1. Whoah…

    Maybe the video was tampered with? Photoshopped? Something?

    Maybe not… *shrugs*

    Seriously, whoah…

  2. *shrugs* too
    Maybe yes, maybe not…
    But if it is true..OMG!

  3. yara4ever

    OMG …
    She even has a hole on the top of her mouth like a snake.. OMG…

  4. My colleague told me that it was true!

    Thanks for dropping by yara… 🙂

  5. OMG i saw it on my friend’s phone is was terrified by the scene…

  6. hak

    heey u guys.. i knw its scary and everything buts its totally true cus there is this other video on youtube called ufo child something like that… well the baby has the same condition i really think its somekind of disease.. but my god its soo scary .. a3othbila min el shay6al el rajeem

  7. relaxt12


    i think that the video is real, beceause how i godsname do you wanna photoshopped the whole video .

    But the video is very scary.,,,,


  8. samed

    omg i thougt it was not true but as you told it can’t be fotoshopped or something. puh i don’t want to see the snake baby in the real live.

  9. liza

    Anyone knows what happened to the mother after that?

  10. We don’t have info about the monther until now.

  11. irene s

    I think it’s a good lesson to all of us. It reminds us all not to take granted to what God gave to us. The video is realand scary but anyhow I really pitied that innocent child. What kind of a mother is she?

  12. Irene, you’re right i hope that this will serve a good lesson to all of us…thanks for dropping by.

  13. this has been discussed on several blogs, it turned out that this baby was born in KSA not Jordan.
    KSA officails say that this abnormality was caused because the mother was a drug adict.
    other people have said that the baby suffers from ichthyosis fetalis which is a very rare disease.

  14. Nick

    Why are his eyes red? Is it blood?

    I found an article on wikipedia “Harlequine type ichthyosis” and it`s description matches exactly with how the baby looks.

    “In sufferers of the disease, the skin contains massive, diamond-shaped scales, and tends to give off a reddish color. In addition, the eyes, ears, mouth, and other appendages may be abnormally contracted. The scaly keratin greatly limits the child’s movement. Because the skin is cracked where normal skin would fold”

  15. Nick

    Hh, i forgot, check the history section of the article I mentioned. It gives an exact description of the baby in this video !!!

  16. Hi Nick, thanks for the info., I read the history section and you’re right. I think that baby was one of those type.

  17. huda

    subhana allah
    when i first saw the video i was shocked and i thanked god on what i have but what happened to the mother and from the first place the mother had to thank god on what she had i hope evry mother will learn a lesson

  18. Huda, i was also shocked when I first saw it. Alhamdulillah for everything!

  19. alexdaman

    i think the baby was demonic and its the devils baby

  20. Rey

    Has any one of you read ‘Children of the Matrix” or “Transformation of America”?

    Why Nick is trying to discontinue this as a genetic malfunction, I have no clue; however, is there no room to question what we are being told? On the other hand, are we to satiate our thoughts to what the media has already told us…”it’s a decease”.

    Think, people!

  21. Sally

    Hey..i just heard from my older brother that there was a video on youtube about a baby who looks like a snake and i didn’t believe him at first until i saw the video…OMG.. i couldn’t watch even 5seconds of the video coz i was soooo scared! Subhanallah…i feel so bad for the people who saw that with their own eyes! OMG..nothing else to say but omg..i hope that the family is okay and don’t have any problems or nightmares..inshallah..

  22. sanghamitra

    Oh my god!! it really grossed me out…. i still have goosebumps….

  23. Robert Beudette

    I would so do taht baby, it be like my litte sister all over again

  24. ashley

    all i want to know is what causes this disease?

  25. Muslim

    Be scared of Allah and don’t be ungrateful for what Allah gives you. If you re ungrateful then this video Is prime example of what can happen. The atheists can learn a huge lesson from this video. Still want ore proof that god exists??

  26. hiij

    thats real creepy

  27. Bilal

    Is that baby is still alive?

  28. Srsly

    It’s real the condition is called Harlequin-type ichthyosis you can read about it on wikipedia

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