7 Things a Wife Dislikes in a Husband


1) The Boring – Only talks about cars, phones, football and games etc.

2) The Unreliable – Tells wife she better be ready as he’s going to pick her up in 20 minutes. Then comes 2 hours later, cuz he got held up by some friends and didn’t realise the time.

3) The Macho – Who is too weak to ever ask for help!

4) The Hypocrite – Uses his silver-tongue to mesmerise people into believing that he is the perfect husband.

5) The Scared cat – You hear a bump in the night and he tells you it’s nothing. You feel agitated and want him to check. He huffs and gets up and when you follow he doesn’t tell you to stay behind but is glad he’s got back-up to protect him if there’s an intruder in the house.

6) The Flirt – Gets overly excited when your female friends are visiting. Grins like cheshire cat and tells them to stay a bit more when they’re about to leave or tells them to come again soon and leaves you wondering if they’re your friends or his. Stays excited for the rest of the day – and you know why!

7) The self-proclaimed King –  Leaves a mess behind him (the clothes type) and never looks after his own things then gets mad at the wife when he can’t find his keys.

8)Add your own… 🙂

A marriage should be a means for peace and contentment. But sometimes small negative things can have a big impact on ones feelings.  Thanks God, my hubby belongs to no. 2 only and sometimes no. 3 lol 😀



  1. OO I like this post! Add my own huh? Hmm…

    How about The Stingy?

    Or The Incapable Of Summoning The Remotest Sense of Humor?

    Or The Unambitious?

  2. 8. The blamer. blames everything on the wifyy

    9. The Complicator. that complicates everything

    10.The verbally abusive. Waaa3 the worst.

    Not that i am married… but from what i see around …

  3. i think, the reason why wife truly love me because I don’t have any of the mentioned above.

  4. Blue dress, good addendum 🙂 THE COMPLICATOR yeah u r right, husbands always turned simple thimngs into complicated one, hehe, thanks for dropping by.

    SEL, really? 😀

  5. 1001 nights, I just recovered your comment today..
    STINGY, INCAPABLE…UNAMBITIOUS…haha..so funny but true to some husbands…lol 😀

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