Good Experience with the Centrepoint’s Customer Service

Somebody from Centrepoint called me today regarding my previous post in this blog (Bad Experience with the Centrepoint’s Previlege Card), she asked me the full details of my post and I told her everything about it.  She told me that it will never happen again and I appreciated her polite and good customer service assistant. 

Centrepoint is one of my favorite stores in Kuwait, aside from the prices, I also found their products especially the garments section to be always on style and conformed with the current trends.  It is always my shopping destination before I will go to the malls. 

By the way, I am not paid to write this post,  lol :D, I just want to express why I like the store. That’s it… Peace 🙂


  1. I love Centrepoint as well. Especailly during their sale season!

    I love their customer service too.!. For years I have been using my mother and my aunts cards and vouchers, coz I though I’m smart for getting freebies. Anyway, there was this one time I was called to go to their Shuwaikh office, and the very nice ladies there offered me a job after giving me my vouchers. hahaha.! Talk about customer service.

    Glad to know everything’s sorted out 🙂 But won’t it be better to get paid?! >:) lolz

  2. If there will be an attendance checking during their sale season, then I think I will get perfect grade! lol 😀

  3. I always make a point to visit it every once in a while. They have some great merchandise for unbelievably cheap prices.

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