Trading Coordinator and Secretary Wanted…

I wonder why many of our clients asked me to help them search an employee, hello…I’m not working in an employment agency, when I asked them why, their asnwers were “we want to hire somebody like you”, well….well…well…that flattered me lolz 😀 , I told them double the salary you are offering and you can have me work in your office. 🙂 . 

 Anyway, since they asked for my help and I don’t know where to find somebody, I think I will post it in this blog, you might know somebody out there who are looking for a job and you can inform them about it. 

One of our client asked me to help him search for a Female Trading Coordinator to work in their showroom in Salmiya, qualifications are the following:

– Fluent in English

– Able to handle foreign correspondence

– Able to manage their incoming and outgoing trades

– Experience

Salary starts from KD 220-250

Interested applicant, please visit Green Wings Company office in Old Souk Salmiya, Salem Mubarak Street, their office hours starts from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, or send me email with your contact information.

 Secondly, our CEO also asked me to help him find a Secretary to work in a travel agency, applicant should know Arabic and English.  Salary depends upon qualification. Working time starts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Interested applicant should send me an email with your contact information or call me in this number 5711535 not later than Thursday, 17th of May 2007.

  1. sana katulad mo rin ako. pano kaya ako magkaroon ng talent gaya ng sayo… para naman marami rin ang magkainterest sa akin 🙂

  2. Sel, you are more than what you are thinking of yourself, napaka humble mo naman…:D

  3. the green wing
    man my mom used to buy my clothes from there

  4. deera, so how do describe their products quality? I never been there yet…:)

    thanks for dropping by.

  5. sui

    m i qualified? LOL!

  6. sui, if you are here in Kuwait then you will not be able to read this kind of post since you are the no. 1 qualified person or let me say over qualified, you deserve more 🙂

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