Banana Republic

BANANA REPUBLIC, soon in Kuwait…

This is the subject of the first email that I had opened today, although I’m not a big fan of this brand.  Anyway, for their fans it will be open in the Avenues Mall very  soon.


  1. How soon is soon? Today? Tomorrow? Next month? That’s what I want to know haha!

  2. hahah, that’s I wanna find out also, the email I received only said VERY SOON…no specific date lol 😀

  3. Bilal

    its just a useless company…dont go and buy stuff from them. their products are reliable at all..if u really wana buy clothes , u better go to Armani , yogo boss etc…

  4. sara

    HELLO I am searching for a job, iam 23 years old iam lebanise but i do live in kuwait , after 1 mounth from now i willl be offered a bussiness economic degree from the arab open university Lebanon + degree from the british open university in UNITED KINDOM. I used to work before in the retail sectore were i was the assistant shop manager for GS cloth store in lebanon iam really looking for ward to become a member of the banana republic staff in kuwait if there is a chance please conntact me on my email : THANK YOU

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