Things I like and hate in Kuwait

Things I Like:

1. Clothes – lots of stylish modest clothes to choose, unlike in Phil. I always went home “empty handed” when I shopped at the malls for clothes because almost all the merchandise there were “almost-naked, too short or too tight”, got my point? 🙂

2. Veils – I always wear veil even in Philippines but my problem there was almost the same with no. 1, no better options also, styles were too limited since only few people are wearing it.

3. Restaurants – I can eat whatever I like with no hesitation, I can eat confidently and I’m sure that  the meat I am eating is not a pork 🙂 , in Philippines I’m tired of adding phrase in my orders with “no pork please”.

4. Beaches – always within our reach day and night,  anytime  because Kuwait is a small country so it’s very easy for us to visit these places.

5. Peace – Kuwait has low crime rate, we can always feel peace and tranquility, no fighting here and there. 

6. Petrol – the oil price is cheaper than water, so having a car and strolling around every corner of Kuwait during weekend is not a big pocket problem.

7.  People – I met different kind of people with different kind of races, languages, personalities, religion, foods and styles. ( and smells also 🙂 )

8. Religion – I feel a sense of freedom and acceptance since majority of people here have the same faith with me, unlike in Phil. I felt sense of discrimination sometimes.

9. Language – When I was in Phil. my arabic language was limited to reading and writing only but I can’t speak fluently, now it is improving since I am communicating with arabic speakers daily.

10. My Work – I don’t know for others but for me I am satisfied with my job and compensation here, lots of free time since I’m only working 7 hours a day.

Things I Hate:

1. Some People – some locals are hard to understand, they look down some expats and acted like they owned the entire world especially  the employees of the ministries.  Try to process something in any ministry offices and see how they will treat you.  Try to wear some designer clothes and bags and they will look at you from head to foot. 😦 

2. Prices – the only cheap here is oil.

3. Climate – too hot, too cold and too much dust 🙂

4. Health Services – we paid Kd 50 every year for Panadol and for the hospital receptionist to speak to us in unfriendly manner.

5. Homesickness – I miss my beloved country everyday since there’s no place like home.

So, now you already know why I am still here in Kuwait  🙂


  1. That was a great list. InshAllah the hate list will always be shorter than the love list 🙂

  2. and I hope the hate list will be reduced and the love list will also improve 🙂

  3. I dunno dude – Food was not that expensive if you ate at some of the little Indian joints and the curries were brilliant! 2KD a day for unforgettable fish biryanis in portion sizes you wouldn’t dream about in the UK.

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