Some Signs of a Cheating Husband (Part 1)


 Are you sure that your husband is not cheating? So how can you tell that your spouse is cheating on you?

For the past 3 days, I did not able to update this blog since I was busy in 2 things: First was reading some articles about “money-making”. Second was searching some articles about this, the cheating husband topic since some of my aunties and relatives in Philippines were asking me before how would they know that their husbands are cheating on them, they thought that since I am a Psychology graduate I have some more knowledge about this, the fact is I have limited information in terms of this undesirable behaviour or maybe I was absent in class when our professor discussed this topics. loz 🙂

I read many articles about this and to make it short, I summarized it for you to read it easily.  Below are some ofthe signs that can help you decipher if you think your spouse if having an affair.

Behavioural change:

1. He is now more particular with his personal grooming like looking at the mirror always and buys more clothings, underwear and he puts on more perfume too.

2. He always lost in his thoughts and he is no longer himself as he used to be. He always keeps things to himself. 

3. He becomes bad-tempered and impatient. His heart is no longer around! His heart is thinking of other people!

4.  He is always not around when you need him. He always “have a lot of overtimes to do, he always comes home late.

Personal belongings:

1. There might be some stuffs and charge cards receipts of places where he went, he always left these on his car.

2. There are more tissue paper than ever. There are more screens in the car than ever. His petrol bills increase more than ever.

3. His mobile phone is his diamond. Everywhere he goes, the mobile phone follows – in the bathroom, in the balcony, everywhere he goes in the home, it sticks to him.

 Telling Lies:

1.The most common lies they tell is their whereabouts.

2. They lie about places they went to, they lie about who they go out with, they lie about time – time to go to work, time to knock off afterwork.

3. He may even lie that he needs to go overseas attachment or overseas work to do. One lie lead to another lie.

4. He may claim to be working but come back with smell of smoke and even perfume!

Obvious signs: 

1. Lipstick stains.

2. Smell of female perfume on the shirt.

3. Female stuff in his bag such as nail polish, sunscreen and so on.

4. The other woman will contact the wife, so it is time to confront your husband. 🙂


  1. Wow that was an eye opener. Thanks for sharing that list. It’s good to know what to watch out for. I hope none of your aunties and relatives are being cheated on.

  2. I hope so but unfortunately everything is not under one’s control… 🙂

  3. great post hehehe.. but of course you can also check the bank account of your husband if everything is accounted for..

  4. Bank account is a good source to check. But controlling his financial is even better 🙂 He gets a monthly allowance and he can probably afford only one good meal and then have to settle for a motel (not hotel) 🙂

  5. yeah gotta check the bank account

  6. CC

    Good ideas. I also think hiring a P.I. like the one at is good too. Catch them in the act!!!

  7. Dave

    These are the best ways to catch a cheater

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