I was horrified, I was shocked, I was touched and I cried!

 We were lying in bed yesterday afternoon at around 18:15  staring at our snoring sleeping son when suddenly we heard a screamed of a woman from the building next to ours, then a terrible sound of a falling debris followed by a horrible screamed of some group of men, I rushed to the balcony to check and I was horrified when I saw the ongoing construction next to our building was terribly damaged, then I saw one bloody worker covered by the rubbles, 4 men rushed towards him and pull him out of the wreckage, his face was covered with blood, one kind lady offered help and brought the injured man to the nearest hospital.  

After around 7 minutes later, the rescue team, ambulance and police arrived in the scene when suddenly one of the workers told one shocking news that there was one worker trapped inside the rubbles. He said that one worker was standing under that roof when it was being smashed down. 

Another man said that he did not see any worker standing under that roof however, the rescue team decided to dig the rubbles just to make sure that no worker was trapped there.  They started to dig the wet cement,  remove the steal bars and woods at around 18:25 , I also noticed that only 3 men were digging so it took them too long to discover what needs to be discovered.

I stayed in our balcony to watch and wait for any news about the trapped man and around 20:05 I was shocked when I saw that there was really one worker covered by the then-wet-and-now- almost-dried-cement. The nurses checked if he was still alive but unfortunately he was already dead. I think no one can survive staying under a wet-cement mixture for almost 2 hours, impossible.  I saw how they pulled him, covered his body with white cloth.  Poor man, he died while working for his family, I was touched and I did not able to control my tears to fall down, I cannot imagine how his family accepts his sudden death. 

I went to bed earlier but I didn’t able to sleep well, I was disturbed by the scene that I witnessed that afternoon,  my hubby said we will make “dua” for him and I did.  May his soul rest in peace and Allah let him enter His Paradise.


  1. sws

    That’s so sad, may god rest his soul. What’s even sadder is that these men work from 1-5 when the tempreture is unbearable, I complain about the heat and that’s just by stepping out of the house and into my car, I can’t imagine what they go through.

  2. and not to mentioned the very low salary too 😦

  3. i tremble while reading this post.. this is really a very shocking incendent… accident always surprise people. 😦

  4. omg im gonna cry.. i really hate to read about this stuff.. if i had been there i would have been so angry that they took that long to find him.. im so sad..

  5. May he rest in peace. It’s sad that construction workers are not required by law to wear helmets.

  6. That’s awful! May God rest his soul and God help his family in this time of grieving 😦 I’m sorry you had to witness that. Unfortunately many accidents like this happen in this country because of poor safety rules.

  7. The man’s face kept haunting me 😦

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