Busy Afternoon with Shrimp Haka Noodles!

This is how my desk looks like now…
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Lots of works to do, no time for lunch so I ate while working….. busy…. overtime…. irritated….but I still manage to peep in my blog! loz 🙂  Hmm, by the way this noodles taste good! I wanna search for its recipe 🙂


  1. That looks yummy!!! Bon appetit 🙂

  2. nQ

    how did it appear on your desk?

  3. Yummy, that does look good. I tried a search for the recipe for you, no luck. I have to get back to work as well. Have a Great Day!!!:)

  4. Hheheh looking at the noodles I remember our very own pansit sotanghon and pansit kanton mix… 🙂 yummy post.. but where is the chicken 🙂

  5. confashion, yeah it’s so yummy..thanks i appreciate your visit.
    NQ, hehe it was delivered from a chinese restaurant and landed on my desk! 🙂
    Debo Hobo, that’s so kind of you, i found the recipe already, thanks.
    lestat_m, it taste like pansit miki, so yummy, yong chicken lumipad yata, heheh!

  6. wow! sarap niyan… kaw lang ba nagluto nyan?

    dito rin sa amin lagi kami kumakain niya hehehehe.. quick chow ba

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