Missed so many Things!

I was ill (cold, headache and slight fever) for the past 2 days and I did not able to log-in in my blog, I knew I missed many interesting things but some things are under our control and all we have to do is to find something that can cure our adversities for us to continue facing the challenges of this so called life.  Thanks God, I’m quite okay now though not totally relieved I still can manage to peep what’s going on in the outside world. 

 And now, here’s the list of things I missed to do:

1. Attend the post 109th Philippine Independence Day Celebration held at Fahad Al Ahmed Handball Club in Daiya organized by the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Carlos Agassi and Sheryn Regis performed live onstage together with some Filipino dancers. Arabtimes has a report on this event, check this link. We got the entrance tickets on Thursday afternoon and until now the tickets are still in my bag untouched. 

2. Read one of my favorite blogs entry, this is the The First contest on Kuwait-style.com , I’d been waiting for her suprise since 3 days ago but I did not able to log-in online yesterday, I just read her post 2 hours ago and now I am cramming to answer.

3. Buy our basics at home and now our fridge is almost empty, so sad! 😦

4. Do our weekend rituals, to have a walk at the seaside and witness the sun setting in the horizon and all the good things to do during weekends!

5. Posting some entries in this blog!


  1. Salamat! I’m sorry you were out of sorts and that you missed the contest but don’t worry! It’s only the first of many and inshAllah you will make it in time for the others 🙂 Cheer up sweetie! I’m glad posting entries is on your list of things to do I will wait for them 😀

  2. I hope I will not get ill again when you’ll post another, haha. 🙂

  3. Hope you feeling better now

  4. Yeah, everything’s okay now 🙂

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