The Man we called FATHER

Father’s Day is a holiday inaugurated in the early twentieth century to celebrate the fatherhood and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. For me, father’s day has no specific date since I want all the fathers out there to make every day of their life as a father’s day and all of us who has somebody to call father to treat them everyday of our life as a father’s day. One of my favorite quotes about father is the one quoted by Enid Bagnold, “A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.” So sweet, I remembered how my father nortured me when I was still a child, but I’m sad that when I turned into a woman, I was always away from him, we just communciate through mobile phone until now. He is such a good father to me, he taught me the simplicity of life and how to be humble always. He is good provider, he is the man I called Abby.  What about you, what name do you call your father? Below are list of other terms for Father in different languages:

Arabic – Baba, Abby
English- Father, Daddy, Dad
French – Papa, Pere
Dutch – Papa
Urdu – Abu
Swedish – Far, Pappa
Tagalog – Tatay, Tay, Ama
Indonesian – Bapak
Greek – Pateara
Swiss – Vati
German – Vater
Hebrew – Abba
Tamil -Appa
Malayalam – Acchan
Hindi – Pita
Polish -Tatosh
Spanish -Padre
Mandarin -Fuqin
Malay – Bapak, Ayah
Thai – Paw
Japanese – Otosan
Turkish – Baba
Italian – Babbo, Padre
Portuguese – Pai

Sign Language – Make an open 5 hang shape, and place the thumb on the side of your forehead (same side as your hand), and then arch it foward once.

For those who can understand Tagalog, check this link to read a very nice article about Father.


  1. happy fathers day po sa akin kahit wala pa akong anak. ganon din po sa asawa mo at sa tatay niyo…

  2. I call my dad ‘baba’ but some Iranians also use ‘pedar’ or ‘agha joon’

    Happy Father’s Day to all dads

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