Cameron Diaz’s Bag offended Peruvians

Actress Cameron Diaz appears to have committed a major fashion faux pas in Peru. Check this link.


  1. I was born in Peru, and Cameron Diaz didn’t offend me at all. She can wear whatever she wants, and I think that is good when countries “serve the people” too.

    Don’t generalize and believe all what Peruvian media says, for future references they manipulate news worse than in the US.

    I wrote something bout it in my blog peruanista dot blogspot

  2. They shouldn’t be too hard on her. She’s an airhead so she prolly didn’t know any better. That said, Cammy is one of my fave actresses 🙂

  3. Perunista, thanks for the info. and for your very good comment, i’l check your blog now…

    D_n_G, she is one of my favorite also 🙂

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