Edible Wedding Dress

Wearing a unique and beautiful wedding gown is one of every women’s dream  on their most unforgettable moment, some women bought the most expensive wedding gown that a money can buy, hired the most famous designer to design their wedding dress while others wear the most unique and weird wedding dress to make their wedding day more memorable. 

I was browsing the world wide web to look for the latest wedding gown designs as a guide for my sister’s incoming wedding day, she requested me to design her gown since she admired the gowns I designed for our cousins before and I agreed wholeheartedly since fashion designing is one of my interest (I hope I will be discovered soon, lol ) ,  I did not able to find anything I like but what I found were something weird and awsome edible wedding gowns, OMG, I can’t imagine myself wearing these gowns!

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The image above is a lady wearing her 20-kg) wedding dress made entirely of sugar, billed as the world’s first “edible gown.  The sleeveless dress has seven tiers of colored candy flowers from the waistline to the mid-calf hem, as well as a generous bunch of feathery white netting at the back. Everything, including the veil, necklace, bracelet and bouquet, is made of sugar, according to the designer.
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The bride above is wearing a cream puff wedding dress made by his groom, an Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano.  Made of 1500 cream puffs and weighing 20 pounds, the dress took over two months to make.


  1. You design wedding gowns…wow

    Actually an edible wedding gown might not be a bad idea; the bride doesn’t have to cook for at least 2 months; they could just eat her gown. 😀

  2. I wish I could see some of your designs 😛 I’m sure that they’re awesome! It’s so cool to know someone who can do some pretty cool stuff like design a wedding gown hehe Good Luck (not that you’ll need it) with finding a design for your sister’s big day! Edible wedding gowns haha Just when I’ve thought I’ve seen/heard everything out comes this curve ball 😛

  3. Magical Droplest, the newly wed will just stay in their room all the time and everytime they were hungry they’ll just eat her gown. lol 😀

    D_n_G, thanks…I will show it online someday 🙂

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