Search Engine Terms shocked me!(filipina looking for trio sex)

As many bloggers did, I am also addicted to check my blog stats daily to see how many readers I have and how people landed on this blog, for the past few months I learned that this blog was always found by search engines because of my posts about the Snake Baby and some of my posts about cooking, fashion, cheating and shopping.  Okay, that’s all fine because they’re all related in my post but what shocked me was the terms I found this morning in my blog stats, take a look at the term below with red line, I don’t think how come this blog was found by that term when the fact is I didn’t have a post related to it! Any idea? 😦

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  1. well, you can make use of that keyword. mention that on one of your post,and I’m sure, all users who are looking for group sex will be coming into this blog.

  2. that’s good idea but my problem is I don’t know how to compose an entry using that terms, heheh… 🙂 I think I will add it in this post’s title…

  3. ?? i thought you are wandering why they landed in your blog using that keyword where in fact your blog doesn’t contain such article?? might be because of the broken keyword such as “filipina” and “sex”.. just a thought..

  4. Lestat_m, I think that’s one of the reasons… thanks. 🙂

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