Conversation with our cleaning staff

One of our office cleaning staffs, a Sri Lankan lady named Chandrika managed to have a slight conversation with me this morning, she asked many things about me, like how Philippines look like, the fruits available in Phil., my siblings and finally about my son. She asked me if I have a latest picture of my son, I said yes and I showed it to her. She admired him so much and that leaded us to have this tête-à-tête below:

Chandrika: Does your son have nanny at home?
Me: Yes, of course.

Chandrika: How much do you gave her monthly?
Me: ( KD xx) with increment every year.

Chandrika: Really?
Me: Yeah, why?

Chandrika: You pay more than the Kuwaitis.
Me: I’m not a Kuwaiti.

Chandrika: But they have more money than you and you live in apartment while they live in villa.
Me: So what’s wrong with it?

Chandrika: Work will be lesser in your home and you still pay more.
Me: Because I’m an employee too and I want to be paid more, I just want to treat others like the way what I want my self to be treated.

Chandrika: Do you gave her day off?
Me: Yes, every Thursdays and Fridays with free transport.

Chandrika: 2 days? Wallah? You can’t found that in Kuwaiti homes.
Me: I told you I’m not a Kuwaiti.

Chandrika: Yeah, but that sounds crazy!
Me: She loves my son so much so she deserves the best treatment from me also.

Chandrika: You’re spoiling her, your son sleep with her at night or with you?
Me: As soon as I arrived home from work, my son is always with me until the next day and I let her nanny rest for a while.

Chandrika: I don’t wanna ask more ,Wallah ,because I might want to quit my job in this office and work with you instead.

We both laughed and she continued her work.


  1. 🙂 a good leader is a good servant… >> a good employer is a good employee, thats how pinoy should be known here in Kuwait.. carry on!

  2. That’s a very nice quote, if everybody can follow it then I think this state would be the best place to live in.

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