Shoe-Tagged: My Favorite Shoes!

This is my third tag and probably the coolest tag I ever had. We were tagged by last Thursday to post our favorite shoes, so here’s mine:

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This is my favorite footwear, my sister bought it for me from Rusty Lopez in Phil. since 3 years ago.  I knew it is already old but until now I’m still wearing it since it is very comfortable to wear, the heel is not so high so I can walk with it for several hours and moreover it doesn’t look worn out yet.  Another thing why I like this shoes is it’s because of it’s color, I’m a black and white fanatic and almost half of my closet is full of black and white clothes so it is very easy to match with them.  Though, I have also other black and white shoes but this one is exemplary for me because it has a sentimental value.

I want to tagged: Magical Droplets , Peony , Citylifestylist , reynaelena , c5  and safarisauce again 🙂

  1. EEEEEKKKK!!! But i don’t wear shoes! *he he he*

  2. mahryska

    hi there! thanks!! 😀
    sure no probs. link me up and il do the same. interesting blog mo and will definately read up more…

  3. toni

    it is always the comfort that matters..

  4. Nice shoes 😀

    The tag sounds fun. *Goes out to buy shoes*

  5. Reyna, lol.. even your tsinelas will do! 😀

    Mahryska, thanks also, I already added you in my blogroll 🙂

    Toni, I appreciate your visit, thanks!

    Magical Droplets, I will wait for your reply, hehe 😀

  6. C 5

    what if i got no choice? 😀

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