Why do some people shout and talked so loud?

An American lady who is new in Kuwait happened to passed by at 2 arab men having a conversation at the grocery section of Sultan Center in Salmiya. The American asked the Filipina saleslady why they were quarrelling, the saleslady smiled and said “No ma’am they were our regular customers and they’re just talking”.  “No, look at them they’re shouting”, answered the American, “that’s how they talked ma’am”.  🙂


  1. Peony

    maybe they;re just deaf or somethin..

  2. part of their culture perhaps..
    in my every morning experience with our company transpo shared with other nationality (arab, indian, filipino, nepali)… I always observe that arab men are the noisiest.. they talked loud as if they are the only people around even if they can see you sleeping.. 😦 I understand them though.. my community immune system is already strong enough to tolerate it even if my ear feels like ringing when i go down the bus because I was lucky to occupy the seat between these men.. hehehe..

  3. Jewaira

    Arabs do talk loudly and use alot of hand motion and facial expressions which may give the impression of being in an argument. But I have also noticed that this is a habit with Indians, Bangladeshis, SriLankans and some Filipinos. It is just cultural

  4. yeah…it’s cultural. I think people who were raised in crowded cities tend to speak quite loudly…specially over the phone

  5. One thing I noticed also is this kind of people who shout and talked so loud usually don’t know how to speak politely too 😦

  6. maybe they’re just over excited 🙂 personally i myself sometimes raise my voice accidentally when i get too excited over a topic!

    (even online. i tend to write in caps when im like OMG THATS SO COOL kind of excited heheh)

  7. ‘day! makinig ka! punta ka rito sa opis! pati yong 4 letter word finawa nilang 5! ok? i have no idea maybe it’s really SOCIETY AND CULTURE you know! o baka dahil sa kabigatan nang mga kano eh bingi na ang mga to! Yan ang dito samin. Kayo? he he he

  8. yeah my husband is cuban they shout and yell all the time. when i visit his family they usually break out into arguments because they are opinionated and they all want their opinion heard. i ask why are they fighting & they tell me they are not fighting just talking but i’ve seen my husband stop talking to his father for periods of time when they told me it wasn’t an argument.

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